Wedding ceremonies to make a fairy tale out of the most special and unique day of your life, surprise parties for beloved ones or celebration nights for your company will be unforgettable at Kaila Hotel.
Extraordinary and different concepts, delicious food from the world's cuisines, performances and entertainment shows will make your dreams come true.

As one of the well-known venues of Antalya in the invitation sector, we would like you to be our next couple at Kaila Beach Hotel. We can entertain you with our professional staff for a day of epic languages where everything happens as your dreams.
We have a very large hall where we can easily organize extremely crowded organizations. Because we can accommodate up to 600 guests, we are one of the largest guests in the surrounding area.


We appreciate the value of your business…
You can use the state-of-the-art technology for national and international corporate meetings, and feel the pride of hosting your guests in a perfectly comfortable ambience in Antalya, Turkey.
Bringing a breath of fresh air to the business world, Kaila Hotel creates spaces for all kinds of events, from small celebrations to conferences and important meetings. Regardless of the subject, duration and number of participants; One of our 200-person halls where technology and comfort combine, will surely meet your expectations.